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at fernbog

...little clay work so far this Spring and Summer ... high water covering my flood plain half acre has taken a lot of hours ... rearranging the floaters ... raking the silt off grass ...saving rose bushes from lawn chairs on palette platform.

...and then there was the massive amount of rain ... all four rain barrels are brim full to the top ...

...summer soltice fast approaching ... still sleeping under down duvet ... still wearing valenky to keep feet warm ... valenky - bought in st. petersburg, russia .- Valenki are traditional Russian winter footwear, essentially felt boots: the name valenok literally means "made by felting". Valenki are made of wool felt. They are not water-resistant, and are often worn with galoshes to keep water out and protect the soles from wear and tear. Wikipedia ... I have two pair for the lake house and one for winter in the apartment

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